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Education Planning

At Lemieux Wealth Strategies, we know that education is an important factor in the success of today’s youth. Whether you are currently paying tuition or are saving for the future, education expenses can seem daunting and excessive without the proper guidance and resources. We help you create a strategy that will balance your education needs with your future retirement income plans and goals.

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the high costs of higher education. You deserve the chance to save for your future and your present education needs without excessive expenses.

Through a variety of saving options (such as 529 plans), we can help you create tax-advantaged savings accounts for all qualified education purposes. We also provide information on scholarships and loans available for funding any financial shortfalls that may occur. We can help you achieve your highest education goals with a program that assesses not only your present success, but your future successes as well.



  • 529 plans*
  • Financial aid
  • Student loans
  • Repaying student loans
  • Education tax credits & deductions