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Getting Started

Getting Started

This is an exciting time where you have your entire life ahead of you to achieve anything you can imagine. While you have time on your side to grow, it is important to begin crucial financial planning that can turn your dreams into reality. Investing may seem daunting at the start, but at Lemieux Wealth Strategies, we are dedicated to teaching and implementing the important investment principles that will best shape your life for the future.

Having the right funding when you need it most is key to financial safety. Most young adults and couples are thinking about the long term goals they may have for the future: a new home, children’s education, future retirement, and protecting against possible risks. We can help you plan investment strategies tailored to the dreams and goals closest to your heart.


For most, this is the first time many are venturing out of the nest for the first time. Having a plan for financing expensive tuition and life after college is crucial to just starting out. We help both parents and students plan for this big event, so both can enjoy this time without focusing on the stress of financing college.


You did it! You landed your first job and have completed the first few steps to starting your career. Letting even those first few paychecks work for you by investing and retirement planning can make planning for major life events easier in the future. We can help you set up a foundation for your money and are excited to begin this journey with you!


During the complexities of marriage and building a new life, newlyweds often forget the crucial necessity of financial planning for the future. Combining two lifestyles into one can be confusing and taxing for young couples, and it is important to learn the best strategies for sharing income and managing expenses. We know that creating a basis of financial planning can often structure your future, and are dedicated to helping newlyweds achieve their goals.