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Managing Generations

Managing Generations

At Lemieux Wealth Strategies, we recognize that family is often the most important legacy you can leave behind. You have cared for and raised your family through good times and bad; always working to provide the best for those you love the most. Keeping your family in mind, we can help by serving not only you, but also the multiple generations that surround you.

We are qualified and experienced in the challenges of managing the wealth of multiple generations, and we have the tools that will help your children and parents benefit most from your hard work and diligence. We know your children’s success is extremely important to you and we also know that young adults are often ignored in the world of financial planning. We have the information that they need to build a foundation as strong as their parents.’

Transferring wealth is a logical step once retirement has been well-planned and protected. But it is also important to consider the well-being of parents who have already reached retirement or are approaching that important event. With our help, your children can achieve the same financial independence you have, and your parents can achieve the comfort and relaxation they have earned after a lifetime of work.